Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weekend Work

Since it snowed and was cold the whole time that me and the kids were in Ill. Brian had some work to get done this past weekend. Also since we had a wedding to work on Sat. all his work he had to do on Sunday.
First item on the list was to finish putting gutters up on the garage. Brendan was of course right there helping. Brendan had a little tool belt and was incharge of the screws & chalk line thingie.Here is Brendan putting the screws in each of the holes for daddy.Helping to carry the gutter to the side of the garage.Playing on the ladder.
Next came trimming the tree in the back yard. Brian also had some additional help with our friend from next door - Jim.
Here Brendan is helping to start the chain saw (it was having issues)Finaly Brian with his thinking face.

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