Monday, April 30, 2007

Kitchen Done & Playtime

Finally our Kitchen is done. Here is the photo of our new floor with all the appliances back in place. We are also going to be painting our kitchen (the blue color) later on in the project but with the fridge & stove out of the way we painted there ahead of time.
We had a busy weekend, people coming over for photos & getting some yard work done but of course we made time for some play time. Target had the Spider-Man scooter that Brian has been wanting to get for Brendan so between sessions the kids & I ran over to Target and got one. After dinner we took a bike ride to the park so the kiddies could play.
Here are the photos:
LuLu crawling on the grass in the back yard-remind you of anyone? That was the way that Brendan would crawl.Daddy & Brendan putting the scooter together.LuLu playing with Brendan's MeMe (motorcycle)Brendan on his new scooter.Maddie & Bunky swinging at the park.

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