Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Daddy's Boy

On Saturday, we went to my parents for Easter dinner, since Jen and the kiddies will be out of state for Easter. The kids got clothes, snacks, and Brendan got a couple pieces of candy. After getting home, Brendan took his candy and put it in Jen's "community" candy dish. Now that I look back I remember him distinctly saying that he was going to put it there. But, along comes Sunday, and I didn't remember that little fact, and I saw something good in the candy dish, so I ate it. About an hour later, I realized it was a one of a kind in the candy dish, and only then did it sink in that it was Brendan's candy. Okay, now I felt bad.

Hang with me, this story does have a point. So, Monday at work, I went across the street to Target to get Brendan a replacement piece of candy. Mission accomplished.

I got home from work Monday, and I broke the news to bunky. I told him "Do you remember when you put your candy in momma's dish?" He said yeah. I told him that I feel really bad, because I forgot it was his, and I ate it. Before I could tell him that I got him some to replace it, he told me "That's okay daddy. I share my candy with you!" Of course I told him I got him more, but I just can't explain how surprised and happy I was. He is a good little guy.

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