Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tile Cont. + Kids

All right an update on the tile-Last night we put the grout down, and had to clean off the edges and get the lines looking nice and then this morning I dry rubbed the tile to get the grout off the tiles themselves. Later today I get to go over them again with a damp sponge to get all the dust and most of the thicker parts of grout that were left.
Kitchen with grout.Entry way with grout. Three tiles cleaned so you can see what it will look like when finished. Now for the kiddies. Brendan had soccer practice last night and I took him so Brian could stay home to grout (he got the entry way done & I helped with the kitchen after the kids went to bed) and Brendan got his new soccer shirt for this year. Coach Doug had the kids names put on the back and now Brendan is #11 - Jim (next door) calls him sticks. Maddies is getting better at walking, she can walk longer by herself but likes to walk holding on to someones hand better.
Maddie getting daddy love.Maddie walking with daddy in his work pants-the same pants he wore to build the garage.Brendan playing with his slide in his new soccer shirt.

Brian also wanted me to take photos of his wood pile. He has half of it built right now and will work on the other half later in the project or if he has a break in time from his projects. Oh by the way did I mention how hard it is to get things done with a 1 year old-didn't we learn our lesson when be built the garage when Brendan was 1! Brendan is a great help and is starting to listen well, on the other hand Madelyn is just not happy that we are not paying all of our attention on to her-drama queen much?!

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