Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sunday Oct. 28th

On Sunday we had a family day. Brian did have a session in the morning but after lunch we Treasure Hunting at the Nature Center close to our house.Brendan picked out his Treasure Hunting outfit himself & Madelyn is the only one we know of who can get so dirty walking on a paved path. (Her knees)Both the kiddies were right on top of where the container was hidden but couldn't find it. (It is under the smaller log)Brendan traded a old fishing bobber for a small transformer.On the way home Brendan and I (Maddie was sleeping in the car) picked out our pumpkins at a small stand on one of the local roads. It was almost snack time and we hadn't been out to our cider mill this year, so we took a drive out there and had fresh doughnuts and cider & also bought a gallon of cider to bring home.
Once we got home Maddie needed another snack.While Brendan and I got started on his gingerbread haunted house. First we had problems getting the pieces to stay together then once we had the house together we started to ice the top the our bag busted so we just covered the roof with icing. Well the house couldn't take the weight I guess and started to shift and not thinking we grab the roof. Brian walking in on us holding the roof up hoping that it will stick. No such luck. But Brendan did have fun for the hour that we did spend working on it (he was almost done with the side fence as he called it). Brian was more than willing to help us in tasting the house thought. Maddie had a bit too.
So after dinner it was time to start carving the pumpkins. Brendan helped a little but only with a scraper, he didn't want to touch it. And Madelyn wouldn't help at all, she pointed at it for a couple of minutes and then they both left us to go and play with toys.We have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle & Cinderella.

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