Friday, October 19, 2007

Brendans First Field Trip

Brendan had his first field trip this past Tuesday. His class went to a apple orchard/cider mill with all the other Kindergarten classes. It was so much fun. Since I was pick to be one of the chaperone's Madelyn went to Papa & Grandma Andrews house of a couple of days.
My group of kids had Brendan, his soccer buddy Laura & another girl, piece of cake.
Here are the photos:
Brendan next to the bus. His first bus ride.Brendan & Lauren on the hay ride to apple orchard & pumpkins.Brendan picking apples.Showing off his bag of apples.Showing off his pumpkin.Brendan & Lauren watching the bunnies at the petting farm.
The only hard part was I also got to pick a bag of apples & a pumpkin, so trying to get them to carry their stuff was hard & carrying 4 pumpkins and 4 bags of apples even harder. Luckily we were able to put them on the bus when the chaperone's went to get lunch.

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