Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fire Prevention Open House

Okay I thought I had posted these so sorry for the delay. Brendan field trip will go up tomorrow.
On Saturday October 13th my women's club put on the Fire Prevention Open House with Berkley's public safety officers (they are both police & fire fighters).
This year we had a lot of fun cool things planed for the kids. We also had a chili cook off for the adults.
Here is Madelyn playing in the small moon bounce.We had two jaws of life demonstrations (my girl friend Denise was the victim in the car both times) once in the morning and again after lunch time.The kids were able to play with the fire hose. Brendan is an old pro at this.The other demonstration was a kitchen fire. We lit a pan on the stove on fire and showed everyone the proper way to use a fire extinguisher.The kids got to play around & in the fire truck and an ambulance.Finally Berkley just recently got a new fire truck that shoot a foam instead of water. With the houses being close together here they can shoot the house next to the fire and the foam will protect the house without the water damage that the water hose would do. Pretty cool stuff.

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