Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Getting Ready for Halloween

With Halloween just hours away now I will fill you in on what the Andrews' Family did this past weekend. I will post Friday & Saturday now and Sunday later.

Friday the Berkley Junior Women's Club (my girls club as Brian calls it) held our Halloween Spooktacular at the Community Center. The kids of course went and had a blast. They got to wear their costumes and play some neat games and win some prizes and of course candy.
Here are the kids photos:
Brendan playing a game-trying to throw the ball into the tin cups. Madelyn trying as well-bowling Maddie style (going and knocking the pins down herself-the ball is just a fashion extra)Here is the best view I got all night of her costume. (It's Michigan and it is cold, next year she is going to be something that is more like a snow suit than a short skirt.)Here is Brendan as his power ranger.
Here is Brendan's & my Halloween creation (this is what he calls his crafts, creations). I got the idea on-line and Brendan was a big help in telling me what to do. I had to do most of the work since it involved a craft knife & sharp scissors but that didn't stop him, he did the hole punching like a pro.
Of course on Saturday we were getting ready for a party at a friend of Brian's house and Maddie wanted to try Brendan's costume on too. How cute is that?Here is Brendan getting ready to go on the haunted trail.

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