Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sorry I have been MIA, we are super busy right now with our photo business (Brian is actually out taking pictures right now & on top of that I am still not feeling well).
The kids have been busy lately. Brendan has soccer practice every thursday and games at least one day out of the weekend. These are photos from his game last saturday (Oct. 7th) when the weather was warm (this week they played another red team so his team didn't wear their red shirts plus it was chilly out)

Brendan is quite the soccer star. In almost all of my photos you see the back of him and he is in front of the crowd of kids with the ball. This past game (Oct 13) he scored 7 goals himself and helped 3 goal get scored by his team mates. He Coach even says what a outstanding job Brendan can do for just being 5. I guess it helps that this is his 4th season playing.
Here are the photos:Here is his little victory jump he does everytime he gets a goal.And of course Madelyn was there being her normal cute/goofy self.

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