Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween Goodies

The Halloween Goodies are coming already.
The kids got a package from Grandma & Papa Tatz with halloween goodies inside, Brendan got a shirt (which he had to wear to school the next day), Maddie got some PJ's (which she yelled at me b/c I didn't put them on her right away), some M&M's (both the kids love those & the parents too) & a gingerbread haunted house kit. We were planning to build the haunted house on Sunday but Brendan was sickly so we are waiting till he is better.
Here is Brendan's shirt:Madelyn in her pj's:The kids being cute:Maddie eating breakfast Saturday morning (this was her 3rd breakfast):

On Saturday Grandma & Papa Andrews came down for dinner & to go see the Haunted House down the street. We were going to also go to Brendan's soccer game but Saturday he woke up with a bad cough so he didn't play soccer this weekend or go to school today (Monday-22nd).
Anyway, they brought the kids Halloween bags with them.
Both the kids got some candy, Brendan got some fruit snacks & Maddie got some cookie snack packs. The kids also got a toy as well.Brendan was really excited to get a Starwars Lego set.Madelyn got a Littlest Pet Shop Toy as well.

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