Sunday, October 07, 2007

Going to the Zoo

We got our membership to the zoo started up again since Madelyn is so into animals.
On Friday I took the kids out after Brendan got out of school. The weather was great-low 80's and we had lunch while we were there too.
Madelyn had so much fun with all the new and different animals and her favorite animal the squirrel's were there too and she pointed those out every time she saw one.
Here are the photos-(there are quite a few)
The otter's sleeping in the shade.Madelyn pointing out an animal.The tufted Deer.A black bear - he was a rescue bear, he used to be a model for a beer company before he got too big and then was sold to a private party who had him in a small cage for a number of years before he was rescued. The zoo got him from the organization that rescued him.The sleeping hippo.The kids checking out the zebra's.Madelyn looking at the kangaroo's, I was nervous she would go under the fence to join them.Brendan being a Prairie Dog.Brendan pushing Madelyn.Madelyn had so much fun she passed out.I had to wake Madelyn up after she napped for an hour so she could play on the playground too.Brendan all red in the face after over an hour of playing at the playground - good thing we brought two 24 oz water bottles (we even had to refill one of them!)Finally the kids walking up the parking ramp to get to the car. Madelyn does this with her hands when she wants to do things her self.

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