Thursday, October 04, 2007

Camping with the Girls!

My women's club went camping last weekend at a spot that was close to home but far enough to feel like camping. The kids had a blast as there were other kids close for them to play with the whole time. On Saturday we went out the an Orchard were we got to pick our own apples and go on a tractor ride and everything. The sad part was when Maddie got stung by a bee after being there only 5 minutes. Her poor little hand swelled up and everything, she was a trouper though and had a good time. We also had cider and dough nuts as well.
Later in the day some non-camping juniors came out for family bingo and a pot luck dinner. The kids were good and Brendan won a game of bingo too! Brian cooked dinner (of course he did the work, we were camping) we had chicken pot pie and he made a peach cobbler that was the best I have ever had. Both nights us girls (& some guys) stayed up late talking around the camp fire, loud enough for the park ranger to come and talk to us both nights, he was nice and on Saturday night everyone was out it seemed.
We had a great time and I will be getting some more photos from one of my girl friends early next week. But here are the ones I have:
Our camp site.The girls helping to pick apples.The tractor we were riding behind.My 1/2 a bushel of apples.Maddie's swollen hand. Poor baby.

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