Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend was busy working around the house and yard as we (I use that very loosely-meaning Brian) finished chopping and stacking the fire wood. We got to use a wood splitter from a neighbor across the street which made the harder middle pieces easier to split.
Here are the photos from Saturday.
Madelyn just loves shoes. She has a pair that look like ballet slippers that she wants to wear all the time. Her she is trying on my shoes.Brendan got to play with some sparklers after it got dark. He just loves all the fireworks that are going on around the block here. We are going to have to take the kiddies out to see some since we won't be in GA for my birthday fireworks show.
Sunday after working and taking photos we took the kids to the park on the bikes again. Brendan seems so grown-up sometimes with the way he talks and the things that he says. But today was about Miss Lou-Lou just being her normal crazy little self. First the slide~oh my goodness the girl has a need for speed (just like her papa Tatz & Great Grandma Johnson). Over and over she kept going down the slide HEAD FIRST! She gets going so fast that you have to really catch her at the bottom before she goes boom!Then Brian tried to distract her by going for a walk. It went well till she found something better and just started walking in the other direction. (There was some event at the pavilion and they had a moon bounce thingy that she wanted to check out)
All in all a good weekend, got tons of stuff done around the house. We went and bought the area rugs for the downstairs. All that is left is to put the trim up then Brian says he is taking the rest of July off. This from the guy who is only working like 8 days in July due to all our vacation plans.

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