Sunday, July 22, 2007

UP Cabin Trip

Here are the photos from our time at the Cabin in the UP with Brian's parents.
Here Brendan and Madelyn are playing outside on the play toys (just after this picture was taken Maddie went rolling off, she thought that was the funniest thing and kept trying to spin it her self)
Brendan is the MASTER fisher-man. These are the fish that we caught on our first time out.
The cabin was about 1/2 an hour from this really neat beach off of Lake Michigan. Again Brendan thought we were at the ocean and didn't want to leave.
We went up to Whitefish Point and went to the Shipwreck Museum. It was amazing to see and read about some the shipwrecks that happen on the great lakes. Whitefish Point is the area on Lake Superior were it gets narrower and you have to go around the point to get to the Sault Ste. Marie. Over 550 shipwrecks have happened here.
This is the bell that the Museum, National Geographic, the the surviving family members brought up from the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The museum had a really nice movie about how they were able to bring up the bell & they replaced it with one that had all the names of the whole crew that died in this wreck.
Brian and the kids standing next to a rudder from the older wooden ships.
Here at the museum is also a light house and a coast guard station. Here is one of the long boat that they used to go out to recuse crew men from the shipwrecks. This boat can hold 12 people in addition to the coast guard crew to man it out to the shipwrecks.
We went out fishing again and I brought my camera this time. Brendan caught at least 3 blue gill if not 5 while we were out. (The only fish large enough to keep this trip were Brendan's)
Here is my bass that was just a little bit too small to keep (see I know how to hold these types of fish now). I also caught a baby perch which Brian dropped on my lap after he got it off the hook & papa Andrews caught a baby walleye. Brian was helping Brendan catch all his fish and baiting my hook.
Brendan in the water by the cabin. He also went minnow catching with his little net too.
Since Madelyn didn't get to go fishing here is a photo of her at the Tahquamenon Falls.
Upper Tahquamenon Falls.
Here we are in front of the lower falls
During lunch most of us had these cute flowers on our plates so we put one in Maddie's hair and she is also showing off her new moccasin shoes (pink of course-Brian picked out that color just to let you know)
Here are part of the lower falls.

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