Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer Pool Time

With the drive way finally being cleared of wood and the weather above 80 I wanted the kids to play outside but with it hot I thought playing in the water would be a great idea.
First we tried the Elmo Sprinkler but Maddie didn't like getting splashed in the head so we go the pool out.

Brendan the little goofy kid, he kept wanting me to squirt him with the hose (he got so wet he looked like a drowned rat) and he finally got his umbrella to help guard him from the water. After we got air in the pool and cleaned it out Maddie couldn't even wait to get in.
Brendan loves to swim with his mask and snorkel (he has quite the set).
Maddie enjoying her pool. She didn't even want to get out for dinner and for her that is a big deal.

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