Thursday, July 19, 2007

UP Camping Trip

We had an the best time during our trip to the UP. We went camping at Island Lake national camp ground (it was a rustic camp site-only pump water & outhouses). We had a lake view from our camp site.
Here are the pictures and details of what we did.Here is the Mackinac Bridge. It was a windy day to being going over with a trailer. Good thing that Brian was driving. We drove up on Thursday with a stop at the Big Spring. This is the Big Spring. They upgraded the float that you go across with since the last time that Brian and I were there last. Brendan liked turning the wheel to get us across. Here is a view of the spring. You can see the sand bubbling under the large fish. The water here stays at 45' all year round due to the spring. Here is our camp site with Brian setting up the tent.
Friday morning we took the canoe out to go fishing. Brendan out with his new net out in the canoe. Here is Maddie looking happy-she wasn't. She did not like having to sit down and stay in one spot in the canoe. Maddie and I were only in the canoe for a short time but Brian first cast of fishing and he caught this small mouth bass.
After lunch we went to visit the Pictured Rocks Lake Shore. This is Miner's Castle. There is a walk down for a closer look just behind the rocks where the trees start. Here we are at Miner's Beach. Brendan thought that we were at the ocean. Brendan was nervous at first of the waves. By the time we left his pant were wet over the knees. And we were able to get him out of the water easy. Here is Maddie with her piggies in the lake too. Here is Miner's Falls. We had a short hike to get to it and a large set of stairs. -I don't like the stairs so much, but at least I wasn't the one who had to carry Madelyn. :)When we left home Brian had given Brendan a smaller leather-man tool. Brendan was so excited about 'his' tool. He had to tell & show everyone that we met for the whole trip. We didn't let him use the knife tool so here he is using the pliers to get branch's off the tree. Our last stop at the pictured rocks lake shore. This is Sable Falls.
After we got back the camp site Maddie a nap then after dinner the boys went out to go fishing again. Brendan had so much fun.
It rained all night Friday night but luckily it had stopped by morning. We packed up and headed over to the cabin to stay with Brian's parents.

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