Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Missing 4th of July Photos

Brian rescued the missing photos for me off the memory card.
Here Brian and the kids are at our fire works watching spot having the first of three snacks of the evening.Brendan with the two older boys that he was playing Frisbee with.Daddy and Maddie getting back from their walk close to when the show is going to start.
Maddie and her boo-boo. Being the silly girl that she is with her shoes.

And of course our pretty piggies. Maddie loves all the girlie stuff: brushing her hair (she just doesn't like pig-tails, takes too long), wearing pretty dresses, getting lotion put on after a bath, and having pretty piggies and nails. Here both mommy and Maddie have matching toe nail polish on. She will sit still and let me put it on and wait till I tell her it is okay to get up to move. And when I went to do mine she wanted more on hers.

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