Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mommy's Birthday

This was the first time that we were home for my birthday and let me tell you Berkley gets crazy during the 4th. We went and bought some fireworks to shoot off on the 2nd, went to see the firework show on the 3rd, and had a bonfire out back and watched all the neighbors around us on the 4th. (The photos from this are MIA from the little camera, Brian is going to talk to some guys at work to see if we can 'save' them).

The 6th & 7th we spent out at Brendan's "Boy's House" (Brian's co-worker). There we picked out and named our piggie-Bacon. (the one in front)Brendan and Daddy got to ride the four-wheeler all over the place.While the Ranger was more Madelyn's style of transportation.Madelyn loved watching the pigs get all excited before they ate, seeing the buffalo (which were a bit nervous of her), helping to feed the chickens, turkeys & bunny's.We had of course more fireworks & Brian brought up his smoker and make them pulled pork for dinner on saturday.
Brendan had a blast.
And best of all~Mommy caught a ton of fish. 6 blue gills & 4 bass. (We let them all go.)
Now we are getting ready for our UP trip with papa & grandma Andrews. We are going on Thursday (the 12th) and will be home on Wednesday (the 18th) so no photos during that time. Hopefully I will be able to add more photos before we go.

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