Sunday, July 08, 2007

Going to the Beach

Today was a hot one here in Michigan. So we had an early lunch and headed out to the beach.
Brendan and Madelyn both had such a great time.
Brendan is getting better with his swimming skills and Maddie just loves being in the water.
I also had the kids collect some rocks to paint for a fun afternoon art project later in the summer, Brendan had to go and make sure that they were the perfect size.
We all got a little bit of sun, Maddie the least (it looks like she has fairy wigs in the back) Brendan a little under his eyes & on his back (he will probably be brown tomorrow) & Brian a little on his back and of course I got the worst of it even with putting sun screen on twice. Oh well we had a blast.

Here are our photos:
Maddie in her hula skirt. (we used the wagon to tote everything for us)Brian & Maddie in the lake.Brendan running to the water.Brendan splashing into the water.Me & Maddie floating while Brendan keeps splashing.Brendan at snack-timeMaddie after snack-time (the scrape under her eye are part of the missing photos-she fell out the back screen and kissed the cement deck with her face. Didn't cry after I got her, and now at least she is some what careful around the back door.)

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