Thursday, June 28, 2007

6/19 - Robina Rhapsody

Last Thursday Maddie and I went to the Robina Rhapsody here in Berkley (the Juniors are the co-sponsors with the City Beautification Committee doing most the work). We went while the boys finally got to go fishing. Maddie had a great time. We went early so I could help set up the stage and get things ready.Once the concert started Maddie couldn't be held back, she danced, socialized, and ate of course! She had a ball. My girlfriend from the Juniors opened up her own lunch cafe a couple of months ago and had food there. The strawberry shortcake was the 'bomb'! & large.

Of course I have to have a couple of pictures of Brendan too. Here he is trying out the new chairs that we bought the next day when we got the flooring for his playroom.

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