Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Play Room

Here is the view from when you walk in. The tv & crafting desk are at one end with a play area in the middle. On the left where the brown shelf is (it's Brian's) another set of the white ones will go to hold all the art & craft supplies, most of which is on the craft table or the other white shelf. Both Brendan and Madelyn have tv chairs.
Here is the play area in the lower part and the computer desk at the other end of the room.
Here is the toy storage. These are mostly Brendan's toys with Maddie's just being off to the right. And the white shelves above to hold board games & smaller bins.

I only have the painting left to do but Brian said that we are taking July off from working on the house so it will have to wait.
I found rubber floor mats at Costco and put those down on the floor, boring gray color but a whole lot better on the knees and feet then the outdoor type of carpet that was the only other thing that we could put down with the possibility of the floor getting wet.

Brendan loves being able to play and Maddie just likes making a mess so I guess that means she likes it too.

Brian was the only one who was not excited about moving everything around. Given that we had to take the computer cubical totally apart I don't blame him. He did get a larger area though, 6 whole square feet! The other half of the basement is still a huge mess and it is tricky to get clothes in and out of the dryer. But I got what I wanted for the kids so I can't complain.

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