Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend Events

On friday Brendan had his Graduation party. I also had gotten him a Graduation Present that he opened when Daddy got home from work. It was filled with spiderman garb. He was so excited.On Saturday Brendan and I had a 'date'. We went to see Pirates 3. It was a great movie. Brendan was all into it too, he was acting like he had a sword and fighting along with the movie. Brian stayed home to try to finish the floor but rain stopped him. When I got home from the movie it was raining cats & dogs but Maddie still wanted to play outside. So I let her, she loved being outside in the rain. On Sunday we took the kids to the Mall because once again it was raining. After dinner Brian went a head and got the wood floor finished. Of course we then decided that with the extra wood we might as well do the downstairs closet too. So he will be doing that tonight. Here is our finished wood floor in the dining room.

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