Thursday, May 24, 2007

We Have Wood! Plus the Kids

On Tuesday Brian and Brendan traveled up north of Flint to pick up the wood for our floor. With all the construction on the roads now that the weather is warm it took them all day to do it. They got home just in time to eat dinner and go to soccer practice. ~Which I have to add that we were supposed to have taken the soccer photos but when Brian packed his camera bag he forgot some thing~memory cards! So we will be doing the soccer photos next tuesday. Once those are printed I will be mailing out Maddies 1 year photos as well.
But here is the photo of our large wood pile, Brian said they gave us an extra 100 square feet to use will all the cutting & triming that we have to do.And of course I haven't posted photos of the kids lately so here are photos of them during breakfast this morning. Maddie with her juice & Brendan being his normal goofy self.

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