Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Story Time

Brendan goes to story time on Tuesday morning through out the year at the local library. Well today was the last one before the summer reading program starts so Miss Wendy had cup cakes & juice as a special snack instead of the regular craft project. The kids also got certificates. So Brendan has a "Story time Good Listener Certificate" for recognition and praise for practicing good habits of listening, courtesy and participation during story time. Okay, Brian and I just think that this is funny because being that he is 4, he is having a really hard time with listening right now. But I do know that when ever Brendan wants to talk or say something (every 5 minutes) he does raise his hand so there is a start.
Here is Brendan with his 'certificate'.~Notice how the front middle of his hair line is kinda thin? His helmet rubbed a bald spot on his hair line about a quarter large, and when I cut his hair last time we noticed it. Oops.

And for an update on the livingroom, we have drywall. Now just the fun part of mudding and taping. Have fun Brian. :)

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