Friday, May 18, 2007


We are all done putting in the new drywall and were able to paint the ceilings in both the kitchen & living room and were even able to put the first coat of paint up in the living room. Brian has also being spending time cutting & chopping the wood in the large pile he has, I would say he is about 30% into the pile. Brendan is his little buddy when it comes to splitting the wood. He pulled one of the patio chairs over to where Brian is chopping and he sits there telling Brian things like: That's a good hit, That's a baby one, That one flying, You need to hit it harder Daddy! It is so cute. Brendan also was helping me stack it on Wednesday on to the wood dock that we have behind the garage but Brian had to come over and rearrange it too many times so I don't think I will be helping with that too much.
But it is nice to be getting the painting done finally. I did the trim on the ceiling while Maddie took her morning nap yesterday and Mister Brendan played on the computer (he doesn't help me much anymore) and after Brian got home from work he painted the ceiling while I cooked dinner and then after Maddie went to bed we put the first coat on the living room. We will have to paint the spot were we put the new drywall in a couple times more, we had the Sears but a dark gray into the primer for the drywall but I guess it takes more of the gray because when I painted it, it only looked like a darker off white~no gray. But here are the photos of our messy living room. (The color is almost the same~it has a brown tone instead of the purple one the old paint had)

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