Sunday, May 06, 2007


Brendan had two soccer games this weekend. He is really doing GREAT this year. There is another boy on his team that is really good. The coach does not play him and Brendan at the same time. If they start scoring too many goals, they either get to be goalie, or try to learn defense.

On Saturday, Brendan scored 4 goals. Today, he scored 7!

Here is a shot of his first goal.

And his victory lap after the goal. I don't know where he learned the arm thing, but he does it every time.

There are some other good kids on Brendan's team. But, he seems to always end up with the ball and being the one to run it down the field, even if someone else scores. I think it is because he can control the ball well, even in a crowd. Here he is showing his ball handling skills.

Of course he got to play goalie today. He did good at it too.

Here is Maddie doing what she does best at soccer games. Eating and drinking : )

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