Monday, May 21, 2007

Berkley Days

This past weekend was the Berkley Days event. There is a carnival, a craft show, the Jr.s put on a Pooch Pageant, and new the year was the Beer tent hosted by the Friends of the Library (more about what I did this weekend will be on my blog).
Well with the carnival being here I had to take Brendan again. My little dare devil, he wanted to ride every ride, even the ones that wasn't tall enough to go on. Oh well.
Here he is on the ferris wheel.The swings~he yelled 'Ride like the wind Bullseye' the whole time (from Toy Story 2)The Graviton~he did this one twice!The HustlerMadelyn was angry that she didn't get to go on any.So we all went on the spinning strawberries together.They also had two of those fun houses that you walk in, he went on those like 20 times each.
3 Hours of running around and riding all the different rides.

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