Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Got Wood?

Okay, I really felt the need to do this blog entry. I think everyone knows that we are trying to put in a wood stove this winter. Obviously, to use it a lot we need a substantial supply of wood. I have already got a good storage area set up for it.

Our neighbor Jim works at the Ford house, and they have a huge supply of split, stacked, and seasoned wood ready to go. It is just a matter of going and getting it. We had hauled one truckload home when we went fishing a couple of weeks ago. For this winter, that was my plan for wood. I actually do like splitting wood, but had planned to save it more for colder weather. That is when I like to do it. Plus, we already have a lot going this summer. But, Jen had other plans.........

While dropping off Junior Jabbers, or some other silly thing like that, Jen saw a crew cutting down a big tree in our neighborhood. I really think it had something to do with the cute crew of boys working on the tree, or her need to play "damsdel in need of wood" act. Either way, we ended up with the whole tree in our driveway. Picture to follow.

Now, I can't fully blame Jen yet, because I have not taught her wood identification. This wood is Elm. Elm is a hardwood, and is great to burn in a stove. It leaves a little more ash than a wood like oak, but is definetly good stuff. The only down side is that it is the hardest wood I have ever had to split! Mainly because it can get stringy, and not want to some apart. So, on top of fixing the wall, pulling out trim and carpet, painting, installing wood floor and try to put in the stove, I will be splitting A LOT of the hardest to split wood in Michigan, by hand. Thank you sweetie! You know I love you honey, I just have to tease you. Everything will get done, we just might have delayed progress on the house by a week.

Now for the picture.
Now for Jen's side of the story....I remember Brian telling me that if I saw that they were cutting down a tree to let him know and he would take his truck and go get the wood. Well when I was driving past my friends house I saw a trailer full of wood & workers (who were not cute at all) cutting down a tree. Since they were almost done and won't be there by the time Brian got home from work I asked what they were going to do with all the wood? They said if I wanted it I could have it and they would drop it off (save Brian from having to go and get it). So they did ~ 2 truck fulls. Anyway it did look like the tree in the back yard so I thought I was safe in getting it. I admit I did not know that there were 2 truck fulls of wood I just thought the one. But at least Brendan had something to climb on for a night. (the whole pile wouldn't fit in my point & shoot camera, that is way there are two)

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