Monday, May 07, 2007

Phase II - Living Room

Well with the tile all done it is now time to start Phase II - the Living room. When we moved into our house there wasn't a good spot to stick our tv so Brian built an entertainment unit. Over the past 4 years Brendan & now Madelyn have been pretty rough with it, so now it is time to go. So Phase II is to remove the built in and replace the drywall with an added little project for the kids.
Time for photos:
The little project for the kids was originally going to be putting a cubby under the stairs. However when we got the hole open and saw all the space under there we decided to finish it all off under there and have a little hide-away for the kids (mainly the toys). So here is Brendan busting a hole in the wall.And here is the entry way to the kids world. We will put trim around the opening and carpet on the floor and paint the inside (hum, the yellow from their rooms my be here as well)The Entertainment unit that Brian had built. (Minus the speaker covers)Brian wishing he hadn't used his air-nailer when he built this thing. (Lets just say it was in there really well.)Brian with all the old stuff out of there and remembering that we were going to leave the outlet there. (In his demo phase he just cut all the wires and had removed almost everything.)

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