Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ultra Sound Photos

Here are some of the Ultra Sound photos from this pregnancy.
First we have the 36 week ultra sound just a couple of weeks ago. This is that alien front-face view.Here is the profile shot. (That is the umbilical cord in the background that looks like bubbles) Sharon & I think that he has Brian's nose.
Here is that first ultrasound where they just confirm that the baby is growing in the right spot. All you really see is a blob at the bottom of a black hole.
Here is the typical 28 week ultrasound where they check that everything is growing correctly & the right size and so forth. This shot has the head & body labeled. You can see the spine on the body really well.
Here is one of the legs & both feet too. They use the size of the head, stomach & femur bone to guess the length & weight. Of course I don't remember any of that now.

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