Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Benjamin's Details

Okay this will be quick since I don't have any new photos to post but here is Benjamin's quick birth story:
Saw the doctor that morning & she said that I wouldn't make it another week and that I would be lucky to make it to friday.
Madelyn & I walked to pick Brendan up from school & the contractions started about 10 minutes apart. We went to Chuck E. Cheese for Madelyn's birthday dinner out, on the way there 8 minutes apart. By the time we ate it was up to 5 minutes and when we left at 6pm they were 4 minutes apart.
The kids & I packed, they went to Sharon's house and Brian was playing with his knife making stuff, he really didn't think it was really happening. We went to the hospital at about 7:30ish, at 8:30 I was dilated to 3 and they sent me walking for 1 to 2 hours. I was able to walk for about 45 minutes before the pain was too close for me to walk though. Went back and was a 4 so they admitted me. Had my lovely epidural, broke my water after 10pm & by 1 am I was dilated to 6 and less than an hour later he was ready to come out. Push one was to turn him to face the right direction (his shoulders were a little sideways.) Push 1 1/2 was the head. The poor doc wasn't even able to get the scrub gown on over his scrubs.
Very quick and easy. And no we are not having any more.

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