Monday, March 23, 2009

Madelyn's Birthday Party

We had Madelyn's 3rd Birthday party this past Saturday at Papa & Grandma's House since I really didn't want to worry about having my house totally party ready 2 weeks before my due date!
We had a full house 8 kids & 10 adults! Here are the photos from the party:
The girls playing together:Madelyn's Birthday Cupcakes...
I learned that there is a difference between using pam & pam for baking, I was out of pam for baking & regular pam just doesn't work on castle bunt cake pans.
Blowing out the candles....(we learned from last year & clipped her hair back)

My favorite photo....eating cake.
Her huge pile of presents....

Sunday playing at home with her littlest pet shop toys. (Yes she has a ton of them)

Brendan taking a break from playing to read from his chapter book. (yes he can read chapter books now, yes he is only in kindergarten!)

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