Monday, March 30, 2009

6 Days Old

Can you believe that Benjamin is almost a week old! I can't. He had his first trip out of the house on Saturday. We went to his 4 day check up just to see how he is doing and can you believe that the little piggie already weights more than when he was born! We left the hospital Thurday with him weighting 6-4, on Saturday he was up to 6-11!
Of course afterwards we went to Target, Brian wanted to go to Home Depot but we didn't need anything and since no one including myself thought that he would really be two weeks early we really needed to go to Target.

Here are some photos from just a couple minutes ago......

Madelyn is my little helper. Today we cleaned downstairs & set the baby swing up so Benjamin could take it on a test drive while we ate lunch.
And of course the other kids can't be left out, and since Brendan is at school we will have to get him afterwards. Here is Madelyn playing on her computer that she bought with her birthday money.

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