Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentine's Day Photos

Okay I am a bit late in posting but hey I have been on vacation so I am allowed.
Here are all the Valentine's that Brendan brought home from his school friends.For our special Valentine's Day Dinner we went out to eat at only the best - Chuck E Cheese!
Of course both Brendan and Madelyn had a little something special to open.
Brendan got....a Transformers tee shirt & a new Transformer too.Madelyn got a Turtle for her littlest pet shop.Here is what Brendan gave to Brian and cuteAfter pizza it was time to spend those tokens.
Madelyn is getting pretty good at the ski-ball game but their were alot of kids there so she didn't get to play for very long (she sometimes has a wild pitch).We even ran into one of Brendan's friend's from his soccer team.

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