Monday, February 04, 2008

Hotel Waterpark

This past weekend we went to Zehnders Slash Village in Frankenmuth with Papa & Grandma Andrews. The kids had a blast. The water park was so much fun, both kids did all the the water slides even Lulu. The hotel room even had a fire place, so Brendan felt right at home.
It was hard to take photos inside due to low lighting in the humid air but I got some good ones and some that will have to do.
Here is the hotel (well part of it)...The hotel had the greatest feel to it. This was on one of the walls in the lobby.Here are Lulu & Daddy by the huge fire place Tree in the lobby.Brendan feeling right at home in our room with the tv above a fire place. Even had his flip flops still on.Lulu with Grandma & Papa in the hot tub getting warm.Brendan going down the body slide. Lulu went down this one in Mommy or Daddy's lap.Of course when I took this picture the life guard happened to be right in the way but just the same this is Brendan with Papa coming out of the 4 story tube slide. Lulu did go on this twice with mommy (mommy's mean).Riding on the lazy river.Lulu proving she has a bit of the South in her genies, she is always taking both her shoes & socks off in the car lately.

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