Monday, February 25, 2008

Magic House

While we were in Illinois we took the kids over to St. Louis to visit the Magic House. This place is crazy! It looks like a large house but once you go inside there are kids running around everywhere and hallways leading every which way to a billion different areas. They had a toddler area, a village with a grocery store, bank, library, pizza restaurant, tree house, fishing hole, construction site and I am sure more. Down stairs they had a Lois & Clark adventure that you had to swing on a rope, walk on a rope, go down slides, crawl in and under things. Madelyn wasn't old enough to go in here so I took Brendan through it. Upstairs they had even more. This place was like I said crazy.
Here are some photos that I was able to get while chasing Madelyn around:
Madelyn & part of Brendan's arm at the sand table....Madelyn going down a slide...Madelyn going down another slide.....Brendan crawling in and out of a hiding spot...Brendan at the fishing hole....Brendan trying to make himself inside a bubble....Grandma with have to send me one of the one where Madelyn & my hair is standing straight up while touching the metal static ball. (My hair was in a pony-tail but my bangs went straight up).

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