Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dinner with the Girls

While we were in Illinois, we had dinner on Sunday with my Aunt Gayle & cousins Wendy & Jamie.
Here is the photo of all of us that Grandma took.....Brendan being the joker about taking a photo of us too, he backed up as far as he could go for this....Miss Jamie....And just because I said I would Miss Wendy....Miss Madelyn & Mister Brendan eating their pizza....
The kids were great for our two & half hour dinner. I was smart and brought in one of the new toys that Grandma had just bought for each of them to play with while we were there for our long dinner. Finally at about 3:55 our waitress come over to tell us the place was hosting a private fundraiser at 4pm. So we basically had to leave. It was kind of funny.

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