Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Blah! Cont...

Here is the rest of our Winter Blah story...
Every once and while you just need something sweet. Well I have learn from past to always keep cookie supplies on hand. Now the hard part deciding on which type of cookies to bake. We couldn't decide so we made two. No-Bakes and chocolate chip cookies. Here both the kids are helping to make the no-bakes.Our sheet of cookies. Notice one is gone! (so is daddy with Madelyn.)Brendan's whole reason to make chocolate chip cookies...licking the mixer & spoons.Half our cookie mix...Brian and Madelyn taking a break from cookie eating to surf the web. (Lulu likes to call that "Nani's seat")
Cute morning cuddle bugs.
Madelyn and her dough nuts. The kid go nuts and will only eat them if she sees that we have them. (new lesson learned)Brendan wanting me to take his picture but hiding at the same time.

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