Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day

We have more snow. Well the snow we had before melted but now we have a good 5 inches of snow for us to go sledding again.
After our first trip sledding and me being nervous about popping Brendan's sled I went to get a larger one. I was able to find a two person one! So Brendan & Madelyn got to ride down in our laps this time. The first time we went she was nervous about going (saying no, no,no...) but being the kind parent that I am took her anyway.
Here are the photos from the sledding trip:
Walking to the hill....Brendan & Mommy testing out the new sled....Madelyn watching not really wanting to take a turn....Mommy & Madelyn getting ready to go down...Daddy & Brendan getting ready to go down....Last of sledding: I tried to zoom in as much as the camera would go to show how much further you go in the tube sled, Brendan & Brian are in the middle closest to the trees. We went far, fast.
Once Madelyn went a couple of times she really liked it and even got upset when Daddy left her to take Brendan down.Also to help celebrate the New Year I wanted a special dinner and BBQ ribs sounded really, really good. So Brian agreed to smoke some for us for dinner. Did I mention the 5 inches of snow that we got. Here is the smoker cooking in the snow covered backyard.

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