Friday, January 04, 2008

Flash Back!

Okay, Madelyn has decided that our Winter Break was just too boring. Let the drama begin.
Background story-when I was young I broke the end of my pinkie finger in a closet door.
Drama-Wednesday Brian went back to work and we had planned on going out to Jungle Java to get the kids sillies out. While I was getting both the kids and myself ready Madelyn closed the closet door on her pinkie finger! So we call the doctor and rush over and have her finger looked at and if she was older they said she would need stitches but were afraid of her playing with the stitches more than just a band-aid. But they did think it could be broken. So we go to Beaumont to have a x-ray taken. The tech was just so impressed that I could explain to Maddie so she could understand what she needed to do and how she needed to move her hand for each x-ray.
Well thankfully it is not broken but still needs to be cleaned and recovered twice a day.
Here is our little Drama Queen (I wonder where she gets this from?).....Her poor little finger......So we weren't able to go play on Wednesday so we went after school on Thursday.

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