Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Bowling

With the weather icky we needed something new to do. We went bowling!
Brendan and Madelyn both had a blast.
To keep the game running a bit faster Brendan went first, Madelyn & Mommy bowled together~Madelyn had help with the first ball, then mommy did one, then Daddy had it turn. We got 3 games in! Brendan bowled all by himself with a little help on showing how to best get the ball down the lane. Thank goodness for bumpers.
Brendan's scores ~ 85, 82, then 88.
Mommy & Madelyn's scores ~70, 90, then 89.
Daddy's scores ~125, 209, then 234. (show off!)

Here are some photos from this morning....
Mommy helping Madelyn push the ball for her turn....Daddy's little funny leg lift that he does every time he goes...Brendan showing off his cool bowling skills....

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