Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Fever!

On Monday we really warm weather up here in Michigan. So what to do.......go to the zoo! Maddie loved being out in the fresh air and Brendan was running around like a mad man. Also all most all of the animals were out enjoying the really warm weather. Tee shirts all around.
Here are the pictures that we have from our outing...Brendan checking out the lazy tigers sleeping in the sun.Maddie showing us her big mouth!The baby snow monkeys out running around with a watchful mommy just behind.All the bear were out checking out the digs and getting feed when we walked by too.The Kangaroo in the front is the 1 year old Missy.Brendan thinking that he is a prairie dog.And of course everywhere we go Miss Maddie takes a nap so here is one of her sleeping. What an angel doll.

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