Sunday, March 04, 2007

No More Little Ceaser Land

When we went out on our weekly Pizza Night a couple of weeks ago we went to Little Ceaser Land but to our surprise and very much disappointment it was closed! So now we are left with Chuck E Cheese's, which cost more so we go every other week and doesn't have that large a play area-they have games. Of course games take tokens so you have to get those too!
Here is Madelyn on one of the kiddie rides. Once she figured out she was moving she wanted off, she doesn't like rides right now. Yet she likes to be tossed around like a rag doll, go figure.Here is Brendan playing ski-ball, he is dangerous with this game. The balls go flying everywhere.Here is Brendan and Daddy playing a fishing game, I don't know which one liked this one more.Finally here is Brendan again, this ride is a roller coaster. It moves up & down & side to side a long with a large screen that has a movie of a roller coaster ride. Brendan was yelling 'WHEE' the whole time!

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