Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brendan Logic

Master Brendan today after dinner said that he was hungry for dessert. Well his plate was still on the table with some food still on it. So of course we said that he needed to finish his dinner. He took his plate and put his food into the trash. We said then you can't have dessert, he said that the trash can was hungry too. How very clever. So in a little bit of course we are suckers and he will have dessert. I just thought that I would post this before I forgot.

And as a teaser tomorrow I am going to put up pictures of Miss Maddie eating her dessert - a piece of Oreo cookie! This you are going to love to see these pictures.

Okay one more Brendan logic happened while I was typing. He hit or bumped his arm, or course he started to whine about to try to get attention, he started to flail his arm like a crazy person. Brian asked what he was doing-Brendan's replay-I am shaking it off!

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