Saturday, March 03, 2007

Brian in the Kitchen

Brian and Brendan love to have fires outside. Brian know of a fire starter using cardboard egg containers, dryer lint & candle wax. You cut the top off the egg carton, place dryer lint in each basket and pour melted wax over, let harden and then cut the lines holding each of the baskets together. So you end up with 12 fire starters.

The first time Brian made these he used the double-boil method. He put the chunks of wax in a old soup can placed that in a pan with boiling water and waited. Well I guess he thought that took to long because the second time he made some fire starters he put the soup can directly on the stove to melt the wax. And that worked fine UNTIL, he poured the wax out and added more. There was still some wax on the outside of the can when he put it back on the burner, and once that wax made it down to the stove top, CA-BOOM we had a fire on my stove! Luckily we had a fire extinguisher under the sink. Warning those little fire extinguisher hold a powder stuff to put out fire, and it get everywhere!

Of course once the fire was out I had to get the camera out to take a photo of the mess that Brian had made.
Note: the fire was only on the 1 burner of the stove and wasn't tall enough to even reach the stove hood, even thought that was scary enough.

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