Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rock Wall Climber

Last night we took Brendan to the local REI store where we have a membership that allows us to use the rock wall. Everytime we visit a store that has one brendan wants to try it. Last night was his night. Now how high do you think a four year old can climb, note that this wall doesn't have the pegs sticking out that you climb with - it has the cracks and grooves that you use to go up. Brendan got to go two times. The first time he went about 8 feet, just over our heads. The second time he almost got to the top! He is now really a spiderman. And of course what type of mom would I be if I didn't have the camera in the diaper bag? So here are his pictures.

First is him in his harness looking at how high the wall goes and telling us that he wants to ring the bell at the top.
Second Brendan starting to climb and learning where he needs to hold on to.
This is how high he got on his first climb.
This is Maddie watching. I don't know if she liked him doing this, wanted to do it herself, or just bored.
Finally, this is how high Brendan got on his second climb. So close to the top.

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