Sunday, February 18, 2007

Daddy's Helper

This weekend was a weekend to work in the basement. We had set it aside for that. On saturday, when I started, Brendan was right there with me. It was very boring, so I was really surprised. So, I asked him "Are you sure you want to help me?" It was so cute, because he said "Of course, I'm your buckaroo." Also, if you want to hear about a recent hunting adventure, check out the story at my blog site here.

On Sunday, I had to crawl under the stairs. Now, the kid has flashlights galore, but he really likes using one of mine with a pocket clip on it. So, we share it. I asked him to go get it for me and he came downstairs with it. The next thing I know, I hear him say something about getting a hat, and he is off again. I have no idea where he came up with this, but he put the light on his hat, and was ready to go.

He went under the stairs with me the whole time, and held the light where I needed it the whole time. Here is the little goof.

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