Monday, February 12, 2007

Nothing Too New

I wanted to up-date the Blog but we didn't do anything to take pictures of. On Wednesday I had a kindergarten information night and tomorrow I am registering Brendan for kindergarten. It is so sad to think that Brendan is old enough to start school. But I will be saying the same thing next year b/c with his birthday in Sept. I am going to hold him back and have him in full day kindergarten next year.
Brian went up to the Upper Penicula this past weekend with his friend Mike to check out some land that Mike bought up there. It was very cold but my have a camper top on his truck so they both sleep indoors and on a bed. His camper is pretty cool, it has a bathroom that is a toilet & shower too, a mini kitchen and table that turns into a second bed.
Brendan went to grandma & grandpa's Andrews' house since daddy was gone. Poor Madelyn has an ear infection & a lower respiratory bronchial thingie. The doctors took a sample of her throat & nose to make sure that it is something more serious. And of course with her sick I didn't get much of a break, but at least she doesn't pitch a fit yet when she has to take her medicine. With Madelyn sick I have a little cold too. So other than a trip to JoAnn's on saturday because we both wanted out of the house for a little while and on Sunday we met Daddy & Brendan at the mall.

We hope that you enjoy this next week and we will check in with you next wednesday after our Mid-Winter Vacation.

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