Monday, January 29, 2007

Snow Days

We finally have snow! It took awhile for it to come and now we have the white stuff everywhere. Brendan & daddy love to play outside while Madelyn & mommy like to sit at the back window and watch.
But of course Maddie has to get in on the outdoor adventure so I got her a baby sled. She loves it, and it is a good work out for me to pull her around the yard.
Brendan loves to play in the snow, snowmen, snowballs, snowangels, the boy loves winter. Here is one of his snow angels that he made for me.
With the Michigan winters the lakes and ponds freeze, what better play to ice skate than on a small pond. This past Saturday Brian took Brendan out for his first ice skating lesson. Brendan did pretty good at his first time out, had to be held with both hands the whole time, but I think that is pretty good give that this same boy has problems with walking sometimes. :)
And of course what goes with ice skating better than hockey! We got Brendan a small kid sized stick and he knew just how to hold it and hit the puck and everything! My boy's got game. Of course since he can't skate yet we just used his soccer goal for him to hit the pucks to in the drive way. He had a great time.

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