Monday, October 26, 2009

Brendan's Final Soccer Game

Saturday was Brendan's final soccer game of the Fall season. He of course had a blast playing for the Skyhawks. Some of the kids on his team have been together now for at least 3 years, and given that they are only 7 is quite a long time.

But as one season ends another begins. Brendan is going to try the in-door soccer and see how he likes that and of course it starts next week! No rest.

Here are some photos from his final game:
Brendan's team are in the yellow pennys b/c both teams were red. (ours Clawson and the other a Royal Oak team)
Brendan running the ball. He got two goals in this game.
Brendan's team: Brian was the other coach this season but he was gone teaching a outdoors class this past weekend.
Our silly face soccer star:
I am going to try to see if the video I shot will load correctly:

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